Paranormal tours at Binghamton Masonic Temple

For the first time in decades, the Masonic Temple located at 66 Main St, Binghamton, New York 13905, will be open to the public. The public will be allowed into just the first floor as part of the November First Friday in Binghamton, NY. But due to the efforts of Broome County Adopt-A-Park and the owners of the Temple, tours of the entire building will be made exclusively available for paranormal investigation on Saturday November 4, 2016.

Paranormal investigator Mark Dickinson will be leading 2 tours throughout the Masonic Temple. Each tour will have no more than 10 people in it. The first tour will start at 7PM, with the second tour at 9PM.

  • 7PM (10 tickets avail) $30.00 USD –
  • 9PM (10 tickets avail) $30.00 USD –
  • Built 94 years ago in 1922, the Binghamton Masonic Temple has been closed to the public since the 1990’s. It has housed the Mason’s Order, the Tri-Cities Opera – with a performance by Placido Domingo, as well as a venue for various bands and events. It is also rumored to have been the site of murders in the past, with many locals believing the building to be haunted. Something that this exclusive paranormal investigation may or may not be able to confirm.

    Broome County Adopt-A-Park and the owners of the Masonic Temple invite all interested to sign up, and if demand is high enough additional exclusive tours may be made available in the future.

    Images and video of 1st Annual Medieval LARP at Otsiningo Park

    There was a great time to be had on Sunday September 18, 2016 at Otsiningo Park, Broome County. From Noon to 4 PM, members of the community as well as participants from Novitas and Dagorhir gathered for the 1st Annual Medieval LARP (Live Action Role Play) event.

    LARP in action - Novitas players, Broome County
    The event, organized by Broome County Adopt-A-Park, not only helped to raise funding for handi-capable playground equipment for Broome County parks, but provided cash and prizes for winning participants. Food from local pizzeria Nirchi’s and plenty of water were on hand to fuel the gameplay for the 4 hour challenge in the largest field at Otsiningo Park. It was also an introduction for the general public on what is LARP, and some of the local organization that participate in the game. Even Binghamton City Councilwoman Dani Cronce (who is also a Board member of BC Adopt-A-Park) entered the fray to learn about the game and how it is played.

    LARP battle winners

    Winner and second place of the 1st Annual Medieval LARP at Otsiningo Park, Broome County

    The event was the second organized by BC Adopt-A-Park, with the August paranormal investigation of the Bundy Museum being the first. Both events were a success in drawing attention to the diversity and variety of organizations and activities available in Broome County, NY. In addition, both events helped BC Adopt-A-Park in its on-going mission to raise funds for kids playground equipment upgrades as well as tourism to the region.

    Michael Vasquez, one of the Board members who attended the event, noted that,

    “There is always news telling the public that there are problems in the Southern Tier and New York State. But there are also great things happening all the time that people don’t get to hear about. LARP, groups like Dagorhir and Novitas, are just a few examples of how young and old get together to enjoy the benefits that Broome County provides. That’s why we [Adopt-A-Park] are doing this. And we are just getting started.”

    Broome County Adopt-A-Park has a mission to promote the parks and community events throughout Broome County to improve tourism and recreation to the region. The organization is a for-profit, which is unusual compared to other similar groups. As board member Dani Cronce describes the for-profit nature,

    “There are many groups and organizations that have a huge need for public funding like grants. We saw that this could be done for the community and kids, without taking away from that critical funding. It hopefully is an inspiration for others, that hard work and a good idea can be put in place without needing taxpayer funding and still be successful – even creating crucial jobs.”

    Additional photos from the September 18, 2016 event:

    1st Annual Medieval LARP and BC Adopt-A-Park members








    1st Annual Medieval LARPing Event

    Broome County Adopt-a-Park presents a adventure with costumes, fantasy and friends at the Medieval LARPing Event

    Fans and players from across the Southern Tier NY will be coming to Otsiningo Park to participate in games so popular that television shows are now including it in their episodes (American Dad – 2016).

    Come join in, or just come to watch the fantasy battles, quests, colorful costumes, and welcoming friends!

    Otsiningo Park – 2nd Soccer field

    Join us for a grand adventure that is the closest experience to the Lord of the Rings that you can get outside of a movie theater. Medieval Live Action Role Playing
    (LARP) brings the thrill of fantasy movies and video games like World of Warcraft to reality, with action and friendly competition.

    Contact person- Dani 607-201-7887
    Date: 09/18/16 – Sunday
    Time: 12pm – 4pm

    Tickets: $15/each
    To buy tickets securely –

    Director Dani Cronce
    Communications – Michael Vasquez

    Empirical Investigation Tours at Bundy Museum

    BC Adopt a Park and the Bundy Museum wish you to join us as we commune with the spirits.

    Space is limited! Please reserve your place.

    Tour Times:
    1st tour 5pm
    2nd tour 6pm
    3rd tour 7pm
    4th tour 8pm

    Tour consist of 10 people.
    $10 for tickets upon entry into the Museum.

    To buy tickets:

    Our very own local Empirical Paranormal Investigation Group will walk us through the Bundy Museum using their equipment and expert skills you will be part of the investigation.
    Refreshments will be served following the tour with a question and answer session.

    Contact us today to reserve your place. We expect this to fill up quickly.

    Contact information;
    Call: 1-607-624-2496